Satsco – The perfect solution for air services

SATSCO is a leader in the field of exploiting travel services at the airport. With 10 years of experience in the industry, we understand every detail of the airport and service operation, which gives customers excellent quality and absolute satisfaction.


VIPs will get our staff to welcome solemnly by a private car, following protocol at the foot of the aircraft stairs. While you rest and relax in the VIP room, our staff will complete necessary procedures at the airport in the shortest possible time in order to save your time as well as to give VIPs the most comfortable feeling.


You will be greeted by our staff right at the exit of the international terminal. On your behalf, our staff will complete the immigration and customs procedure and promptly escort you out of the airport. You do not need to queue in line at the immigration or customs gate as usual.

The same applied for the Departure.


You only need to contact us by email or fax to order the service. Normally after 2 days (or 6 hours for emergencies), we will complete all documents, papers needed for you to get visa at the international border gate of Vietnam.

On arriving at the airport, you will be welcomed by our staff at the exit to the international terminal. Our staff will undertake necessary procedures to help you get your visa at the immigration gate.


In case your flight is cancelled due to some unexpected reasons, we support all of the related issues to guarantee the best comfort of passengers. Our staff will complete all the procedures at the airport to bring passengers from the airport to hotel in the shortest possible time by car. We will welcome you back to the airport and undertake the procedures for boarding for the next flight.