SATSCO – The perfect solution for air services

As a leading in the field of Airport Services, SATSCO has more than 45 year-experiences serving passengers, crews, as well as domestic and international airlines with special services, including:

  • VIP A: Providing the Luxury services by VIP standard, ensuring the safety, privacy and convenience for our customers during their journey.
    • The customers will receive a solemn reception from our professional staff as soon as you arrived at the airport, be accompanied to the VIP lounge while we complete customs and immigration procedures for them. After that, our staff will see the customers off to the hotel by Limousine and help them check-in.
  • Fast Track: Supporting the customers to complete all of the necessary customs & immigration procedures at the airport as quickly and conveniently as possible.
    • The customers don’t need to wait in line at customs / entry gates as usual.
    • The customers will be received by our staff from the entrance gate of  international airport terminal and accompanied until come out of the airport.
  • Flight permits: Assisting the airlines in permit procedures for charter / private jet, commercial flights through Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV); assists in obtaining airport slots at relevant Vietnamese airports.
  • Ground handling: Providing ramps service, cabin service, passengers transportation, baggage handling.
  • Passengers & Crews services: Assisting in all customs & immigration procedures; arranging hotel accommodations & transportation for passengers & crews; support the airlines in handling delayed / canceled flights.
  • Transportation Services: Serving passengers transportation from the airport to the hotel, the city center or conversely.

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